I’ve been thinking about what drives traffic to a site. Maybe running a little marketing series for the spreadshirt shop-partners. I thought i’d look at what works for other sites and blatantly steal their ideas leverage their concepts:

1. Paris Hilton naked
eg 99.9% of all websites. Oh yes, nothing drives traffic like nakedness and paris hilton or even better (and far more likely) a naked paris hilton. I havent really been able to come up a valid reason or hook to post photos or videos of Paris Hilton naked though. Maybe just writing “see paris hilton naked here”, will net some uniques. Its unlikely to help a tshirt site though. I’ll let you know. It’l be like an experiment, or something. I can wear a labcoat and poke things with a ruler.

2. Ecletic content
eg Boing Boing. Only without all the hippie crap they always post about freedom this, equality that. If Boing Boing was a receipe it would be:

a) 1 part cory plugging his geek stories.
b) 1 part the most random things you’ve ever seen.
c) 1 part freedom of speech, global citizenship, web hippie stuff.
d) 1 part companies are evil.

Heres my attempt at a day in the life of boing boing:

a) Once there was a computer in the future and it one day it was hit by lightning and developed ai and everyone freaked out, there was some moral discussion about what this meant for civilisation. The american government tried to destroy it, some geek radicals smuggled it to sealand and “interface” with it whenever they think no-ones looking. Its now spends its time attempting to compute the number of friends Tom has from myspace in real-time, and looking at pictures of paris hilton naked when it thinks no-one is looking.

b) Did you know someone made a whole church out of lego. I have nothing poignant to say about the sheer amount of time you must have to want to do this, but its frickin’ awesome, quite like the word frickin’. No, actually a little more.

c) Open source is good, Creative commons is better. Read T & C’s. Save trees. Get out more. Love your e-neighbour. Carbon offset.

d) As the future leader of the world enslaving fletchycorp, I have no problem with this notion.

3. Post photos of me in tshirts
eg Tcritic – Theres nothing I like more than seeing a beautiful tshirt on the fine physique of karl the tcritic guy with the ginger goatee. Sometimes I like to put tshirts on and stroke my non-existant goatee and just pretend for a moment that I could have 1700 readers on feedburner :)

4. Jokes
eg Dilbert blog. This post was supposed to be funny and have jokes and stuff. People like jokes. I think.

Now I just have to sit back and wait for the readers, oh and also for my goatee. I wonder which will be finished first.

Anyway, posting at hiphipuk has returned. Rejoice!

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