The t’osphere is becoming an increasingly crowded place. I’d say there are at least 20 very active tshirt blogs now. The problem with all this activity is there is bound to be a large amount of overlap in

a) featured items

b) readers

I read pretty much all the tshirt blogs, I’d read them for my job even if I wasnt just keeping up with ideas/new stores and special offers for HipHipUK. The problem I see now is that they are starting to become a little generic and repetitive. I think its important to find a niche and to work that niche. HYA for example has a niche within a niche, currently with no real competition. The problem with niche’s in niche’s however is that their readership should be by definition smaller than the niche’s. Not that its a big leap across a deep chasm from the tshirt to the hoodie ;)

Companies have also realised the potential power of these sites as a marketing tool. I’d estimate that I get 25 or so mails a week from stores looking to be featured. I bet tcritic and preshrunk get twice as many or more. The problem however is that if they get 50, that 50 will also include the 25 that I recieved. We’re all getting spammed contacted by the same companies, the first thing I do now when I get a mail from someone I’d like to feature is:

a) tell them I’ll probably feature them if someone else hasn’t already beaten me to it (in the hope of stopping them mailing another five sites who’ll post before me)

b) check who of the big T sites has already featured them (I’m not normally the first as other more regularly updated sites usually beat me to it).

Once you’ve made it onto one of the big 5 or 10 tshirt sites, I bet theres little benefit from being featured on any others for a period of time say two months. Once someones already posted about a site theres little point in also covering them again, unless your substantially adding to the conversation somehow with an indepth feature or something. As I cant really compete with the more regularly updated sites due to work and general offline life commitments I guess i see HipHipUKs niche is to continue with the industry angle. I can compete with that as I have no competition, well apart from indie clothing blog, which is something a little different.

I dont think thats the best way to increase traffic, tcritic is a perfect example of how to build traffic

a) post everyday

b) keep it simple, have a hook, such as one new shirt a day.

c) fill it full of tshirts

I think I have another little idea for a mini-site, I’ll be cloak and dagger about it until its finished. I know it will definetely help me, lets help its of use to some others aswell. So thats two new sites to find the time to setup, who said it was all glamour being a tshirt blogger? :(

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