Today HipHipUK has reached the ripe old age of six months old. The fact that I’ve been able to commit to something for that long is a big achievement for me. Its rare that I can even commit to trying to commit to something.

As I said yesterday we’re now averaging around 500 uniques a day which i’m really impressed about considering the nicheness of the topic. My highlights of the year so far:

– Reaching more comments than posts

– My new job in 2.0 (HipHipUK definetely helped with that)

– All the great mails people send me, even if your just plugging stuff. It allows me to pretend that i’m popular for just a short moment before I see that what you’ve sent me is already on four other tshirts blogs..

– Every small milestone, first comment, 100 visitors day, first contact email. Its been a blast.

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