I think the thing I was most surprised about when I joined Spreadshirt and worked a day in production (all employee’s work in production from time to time to see the other side of the process), is just how detailed, complicated and well…human the process is. I sort of naively assumed there was a big T shaped machine and you pressed a big green button and a tshirt popped out, if it gets jammed to press a red button and an umpa lumper would come and fix it.

To show the real process a little more we made this video. The amount of skilled human labour involved is really impressive and we just couldn’t get it all in.

I’ve never made a video before, infact I’m one of the few people I know who never loses huge portions of their day watching online video’s. For that reason I will a little unsure about taking on this project, luckily the people that helped us had. That left my role as standing around eating and attempting to look important, while the people with actual talent handled the filming part. It turned out to be a lot of fun, which was nice.

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