Its a busy time for Spreadshirt at the moment as we prepare for the internationalisation of the tshirt design contest site La Fraise. Its launching this week in the UK, Germany, Finland and Norway.

Roll up, roll up, read all about it (after the jump)

I doubt too much is known about La Fraise in the UK yet as most of the site is still only in french. Its actually the second largest tshirt design contest in the world (behindThreadless), and the largest in europe by far, with over 75,000 members active and very passionate members. It will be an interesting challenge to enter the UK with two already established direct competitors in Split the Atom and Teetonic.

Repeating the run-away success of La Fraise in france where its been since 2004 will not be easy. Blog posts there often result in over 300 comments. I have a theory thats its much harder to build a community in the UK than in elsewhere as I think we are culturally less likely to post and comment. The new sites will run seperately from each other, but there are some initiatives planned which will link them into one european wide design contest. More infromation on that in time. For now I’m just excited to be (some what, its not one of my core responsibilities) involved in the creation of a new community, a chance to put some of that academic research into practice!

There is still a vacancy for the community’s head honcho the UK ambassador. I’ve setup a little competition (well if you call a prize of 1000eur worth of tshirts little), it should be ready to reveal here tomorrow and will hopefully be a lot of fun, oh and find someone for what will be a great job.

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