Excuse me while I just indulge myself a little bit on here. I haven’t posted much lately, I’ve been busy at SS and giving some of my other blogs some more time, and getting the ball rolling on some long planned projects.

Anyway I was looking at my stats just a minute ago and I realised I have achieved a personal ambition I set many years ago which I was just a mini geek, a geek in training. What was this goal? Climb Everest, Become a millionaire? Convince hot women to date me? Yes, but they still stand. This goal was even more challenging:

To start a website that gets…………. a million hits!

Okay, okay so its not very challenging. When I was 15 it felt near on impossible, now I just register pornathon.wordpress.com, add a few images, sit back and watch the hits roll in. But who are you to rain on my hit filled parade? I’m a hit millionaire. So in a way its 1.5 objectives that have been met. Since I started hiphipuk nearly one year ago I’ve had 1,156,184 hits.

On a side note. A few of you told me you went and brought Split the Atom shirts after I posted about their sale. You know I have a tshirt sale blog where you can find these everyday right? Warning it will part you of a lot of your hard earned money http://tjunction.hiphipuk.co.uk

Hooray for completing very simple personal goals.

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