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About HipHip UK

I think the t-shirt industry is one of most interesting e-commerce areas, incorporating elements of mass production, mass customisation, virtual communties, co-creation, crowdsourcing and just about any other buzz word you want to throw at it. Once a product becomes commoditised the value transfers to finding ways innovative ways of delivering that creation and consumption experience. There is no shortage of interesting concepts emerging in this area.

There are a lot t-shirt blogs which showcase cool t-shirts, HipHipUK is more of about the online apparel industry. They’ll be cool t-shirt but also interviews and discussion with the key players that make this an exciting area to focus on.

About Me

This blog is run by Adam Fletcher. I am a recent graduate of Nottingham Trent University where I have an BA in Business Information Systems. I now live in Leipzig, Germany but also spend a large amount of time in London.

My dissertation studied Threadless and the role of Virtual Communities in supporting innovative product development. It was titled “Do consumers want to design unique products on the Internet – a study of the Virtual Community of and their attitudes to Mass Production, Mass Customisation and Collaborative Co-creation”.

I’ve recently taken a job with the fine people of Spreadshirt as Creative Director UK/USA. HipHipUK will continue as before, inpartial (well as much as anyone is inpartial) and seperate from my work there. I’ll post about Spreadshirt if they are doing something particularly cool, but probably no more than before, and with a full disclosure.